Pudjukmalam Leaked Video

Zendaya Viral Video has gone viral on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.


The internet thinks it might be Zendaya because of a video of a young woman getting beat up that went viral. But from what we can see, it’s probably not her. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

This video went viral over the weekend… It’s 7 seconds long and shows someone beating up on a poor girl in what looks like a store. After they’re done punching, they start kicking, which sends the woman flying back and causes her to hit her head on a wall.

In fact, it’s very cruel, and as far as we can tell, no background information tells us where or when it happened, who was involved, or why.

People think they see someone who looks like Zendaya, based on the few quick glimpses of this girl’s face you can see in the video. Yes, we’ll admit that it does look a little bit like the actress, especially in scenes from the movie “Euphoria.”

Zendaya Viral Video

Recent photos of her out and about in Massachusetts show that her hair is now much shorter. Again, we don’t know when this might have been taken or even if it’s Zendaya. But, just so you know, Z doesn’t have hair this long right now.

Zendaya’s got sneakers on here She has said in public that she only wears tennis shoes or heels, nothing in between. She wears rainbow-colored Crocs instead of the shoes in this video.

The bottom line is that there is no clear proof that this is Zendaya, but Twitter is trending her right now because people think it might be her. Whether or not this is about Zendaya, others have said that those who make fun of it are sending the wrong message.

Even if it’s just a counterpart. Many people find it disturbing that an attack on a woman of color is being filmed and shared repeatedly. This is just the latest example.

We’ve asked Zendaya’s team what they think about it. She hasn’t said anything about this yet, but if it’s not her, it might be a good idea to disprove it since it’s getting around a lot.

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