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Xiaomi Kuwait revealed the prices for Redmi Pad in an Instagram post.

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With the Redmi Pad, Xiaomi’s Redmi is expected to enter the tablet market. People have known for a while that the Redmi tablet is coming out. People say that the Redmi Pad and the Xiaomi 12T series will make their world debuts in October. But Xiaomi Kuwait has already shown the design and price of the Redmi Pad in an official social media post that has since been taken down. Follow hitsbuddy for latest new.

The teaser that Xiaomi Kuwait put up says,

This means that the Redmi Pad might have four speakers and will likely focus on making it easy to watch videos and listen to music. The company’s teaser shows that the Pad will come in a mint green colour, just like the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4, which was just released. The company is likely to release the Pad in more than one colour.

Xiaomi also said how much the upcoming Pad will cost. Based on the post, the Pad will cost about Rs 18,800, which is 71.9 Kuwaiti Dinars. From this, it looks like the Pad will be the least expensive tablet Xiaomi has released in recent years.

The teaser picture also shows that the edges of the Pad will be flat. The rear camera will be in the top left corner of the rectangular camera module, which will be on the back of the device. Besides that, the company hasn’t said anything else about the Redmi Pad. But the Pad with a 7,800mAh battery was seen on the FCC certification website last month. Also, the certification listing for the soon-to-be-released tablet showed that MIUI 13 will be installed right away.

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