Staffer Saves Woman

Watch: Staffer Saves Woman Crossing Railroad Track Just In Time


A railway worker at the Shikohabad station in Uttar Pradesh saved a woman crossing railroad track. Several Twitter users have shared the CCTV footage of the incident taken at the station. The video’s description says that the woman used the tracks to get from one platform to another. Users of the microblogging website were shocked by the scary video. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

The video shows a woman in a yellow salwar kameez trying to get onto a platform from the tracks as a train is about to pull into the station.

When a railway worker named Ram Swaroop Meena sees the woman, he or she runs after her. Just in time, he pulled her up as the fast-moving train crossed the platform behind them. But the woman went close to the train again “to pick up her bottle,” as other railway workers can be heard saying in the video.

When people on Twitter saw the video, they were shocked. Someone on Twitter said, “The price of a bottle can’t be more than a person’s life.” Another person said, “These people shouldn’t get off the hook; they should be prosecuted. A railway worker at the Shikohabad station in Uttar Pradesh saved a woman crossing railroad track.

Other people sent the speechless emoji to each other.

A passenger was lucky to be alive after he fell under a train at the Bharthana railway station in the Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh.

The man fell into the space between the platform and the tracks, but a train went over him and didn’t hit him, so he wasn’t hurt.

People say that the man tried to get on the moving train but instead fell onto the tracks. The man was thin enough to fit between the train and the wall of the platform, letting the train go over him.

A big crowd gathered on the platform and took pictures of the whole thing. After the train went over him, the man got up, picked up his things from the tracks, and made a hand signal to the crowd.

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