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Watch livestream of Kimmikka see a video that has gone viral.

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Kimmikka Twitch users are angry that a streamer was banned for a week because they showed a stream that was very NSFW. Twitch, which is one of the biggest platforms in the world, lets almost anyone broadcast their activities to the whole internet, as long as they haven’t been banned from it already. They sometimes do things like play video games, watch YouTube videos, host elaborate shows, or just record their everyday lives live on camera. It’s a very strong service, and there have been a lot of disagreements about it over the years. Just in 2021, hot tub streaming grew a lot, and there was a big leak that showed how much streamers were getting paid.


A lot of well-known creators have been talking about Twitch’s inconsistent bans recently, and now Twitch users are angry about it again. Kimmika was banned from Twitch for a week because she had s*x while streaming. Viewers found it strange that the streamer was standing in an odd way in relation to their desk and that they could see the head of a man behind her. However, because the window on her side reflected everything, there wasn’t much for them to imagine.


After noticing this, former Twitch streamer Jidion6 accused Twitch of “S**ism” and “favouritism.” He pointed out that he was banned for life after doing a hate raid on Pokimane, but a streamer who did se*x was only banned for a week. Since then, Jidion6 and Pokimane have made up and become closer, but he hasn’t returned to the platform. Jidion6 started the hashtag #TwitchRespond and made a YouTube video about the issue. He also asked Twitch to talk about it in public.

kimmika Viral Video

Twitch hasn’t said anything about what happened yet. Twitch users are angry that bans aren’t being given out in the same way everywhere, so they’re taking their anger to Twitter. Even though this has been a problem for a long time, this event has caused more anger than any other.

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