Watch as a video of Katy Perry paralysed eyelid at a concert in Las Vegas goes viral.


Katy Perry’s eyelid went numb during a concert in Las Vegas. The video went viral. Fans have been stunned and shocked by Katy Perry’s strange facial expressions. A video of a singer trying to get her eye back to normal recently went viral on the internet. Katy Perry’s fans have been wondering if everything is okay with her. All of this started when the singer was at an event and couldn’t close her right eyelid.

A video of Katy Perry at the event has also gone viral on the internet, so this topic is being talked about everywhere on social media. A lot of Katy Perry’s fans also think that her eye might have been paralysed. That right? This story has a lot more to tell. To find out more, you should stay on this page and keep reading this article. Go to the bottom of the page and take a look. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

Katy Perry’s eyelid went numb during a concert, and a video of it went viral.

Since the Katy Perry video went viral on social media, her fans are worried about her health. But the singer seems to be in good shape. There are a lot of rumours about why her face isn’t moving. A lot of people are also guessing that it’s a stroke. Please read the next part to find out what really happened.

A few days ago, a video of Katy Perry trying to get her eye back to normal was posted on Tiktok. She was unsuccessful and had to use her hand to try to stretch the skin back to its normal state. But some people on the Internet misunderstood this clip and thought it was about facial paralysis. Katy Perry is okay, thank goodness.

But the video has been seen by a lot of people on the internet. On Tiktok, someone wrote, “Her clone was broken. That’s scary,” said someone else. “Her robot seems to have a lot of problems.” We know that ditz is a robot, omg. Katy parry is an mf robot hahaha.”

Another funny comment was, “That baby doll you had as a kid whose eye kept closing,” and someone else said, “She lost the WiFi connection.” During a concert, Katy Perry couldn’t open her right eye, which made her fans say funny things and show how worried they were for her. This happened during her residency at the Las Vegas Play. Keep an eye on this page for more information and changes.

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