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People are obsessed with it, especially in India, where cricket players are highly regarded. Indian cricketers are extremely social media savvy. They share images of their daily life and information about upcoming games. They engage in numerous activities outside of only playing matches, which keeps them in the headlines and in the eyes of the public. Virat Kohli is one of the few Indian cricketers that makes the sport entertaining to watch. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.


Even though Virat was already well-known, his popularity has increased. Since his marriage, Consequently, people are usually interested in hearing about his daily activities. However, he is unhappy this time because a video from his hotel room has been posted online. The clip from his video is attracting a great deal of attention online. On Monday, October 31, 2022, Virat Kohli discussed a tragic incident that occurred during his time in Perth. He describes what occurred to him as “shattering” and expresses extreme anger and sadness. When a stranger entered his room, he described it as a “total breach of privacy.”


Someone shot a video of his shoes, clothes, and other belongings and uploaded them on the Internet, where it has since gone viral. The former captain of India was appalled by the manner in which his “admirers” treated him and requested that his privacy be respected and that he not be made fun of in public. In the video, a fan enters the cricketer’s hotel room. During his break, Kohli photographed his accessories and posted them online. Virat Kohli hotel room video went viral on Twitter.


Both the fan who captured the video and the hotel for not providing enough privacy for its customers have rendered Virat dumbfounded and enraged. How can someone enter another person’s area without permission? Virat posted on Instagram, “I absolutely see why fans are so ecstatic.

When they watch their favourite athletes, they are always eager to meet them, and I’ve always admired and enjoyed their enthusiasm. However, this film has stunned me and made me extremely cautious about privacy invasions. Several cricket players have expressed their opinions on this. David Warner of Australia stated, “This is abhorrent and entirely unacceptable. You can now view it on any social media sites with video capabilities, so you can do so there.

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