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Videos of about 60 girls taking baths in their hostels were leaked by another girl student

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Videos of about 60 girls taking baths in their hostels were leaked by another girl student, which caused a lot of trouble at Chandigarh University. The police have taken the girl in question into custody and charged her under different parts of the IPC and IT Act. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

Reports say that the person on trial secretly filmed girls taking baths in their hostels and sent the videos to a male friend in Himachal Pradesh.

Mohali Police Chief Vivek Soni told the news agency ANI, “So far in our investigation, we have found only one video of the accused herself. She doesn’t have any other videos of other people. Electronic devices and cell phones have been taken into custody and will be sent for a forensic examination.”

People on social media are being asked not to share the leaked videos because some students have reportedly tried to kill themselves because of them. One girl is said to have been taken to the hospital. Officials at the university said that she passed out during the protests.

In a video, the accused said that she didn’t expect to record videos of other girls.

Punjab is run by the Aam Aadmi Party, which is led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He tweeted, “In Chandigarh University, a girl recorded offensive videos of many girl students and made them go viral. This is very bad and embarrassing. All of the people who did this wrong will get the harshest punishment possible. Girls who have been hurt are brave. We are all on your side.

Harjot Singh Bains, the minister of education for Punjab, said, “I humbly ask all the students at Chandigarh University to stay calm. No one who did something wrong will be let off.” It’s a very touchy subject that has to do with the dignity of our daughters and sisters. We should all be very careful, including the news media.

Pawan Khera, a leader of the Congress party, wrote on Twitter, “To all responsible Indians, please don’t repost, forward, or share any video of the horror at #chandigarhuniversity. Let’s be a society that’s good with technology.”

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