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UP A woman’s phone explodes while she is charging it, killing her 8-month-old baby.

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In the Bareilly district of UP, an 8-month-old girl died when her mother’s phone blew up while it was charging. On Sunday, something terrible happened when the baby’s mother was charging her keypad phone next to the baby. The phone was bought six months ago. It had a swollen battery and was hooked up to a switch powered by a solar panel. According to the family, it was only charged with a USB cable, not an adapter. A woman’s phone explodes while she is charging. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

The police said that the parents had been careless, but they also said that no complaint had been filed yet. The Faridpur police station has the power to handle the situation. Harveer Singh, the SHO of the Faridpur police station, said, “The family didn’t file a report, and the body was given to them after following the right steps. From what we found out, the girl’s injuries were caused by the explosion of the mobile. The family said it was an accident and didn’t want to press charges.”

When the accident happened, the kid’s father was at work. The mother put her daughters to bed differently while she charged her phone. “I was talking to a neighbour when I heard my daughter Nandini calling for help,” she said. The mobile blew up and set fire to the charpoy. The 8-month-old Neha was severely burned. She said, “I never thought my cell phone could kill my daughter. If I had, I wouldn’t have left it there. UP A woman’s phone explodes while she is charging it, killing her 8-month-old baby.

The father of the child works as a laborer and lives with his family in a house still being built. They don’t have a power connection, so they charge their phones with a solar plate and a battery.

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