Steven Crowder Wife Video Circulated On Social and Sparks Outrage Online

A controversy erupted after a video of Steven Crowder was released by his wife. In fact, the political commentator is feeling the heat of criticism after a video of him getting viral on the internet. Meanwhile, netizens have been thrown into a frenzy to know the matter in detail. It seems that a war is going on between Steven Crowder and his wife Hilary. Lots of speculations are being made by netizens about their relationship. Have you watched the video or do you know why the video is making huge rounds on the internet? If not. this article will help you in knowing the same. But you are required to stick with this page and read it till the end. Must go through the following sections of this column. Kindly scroll down the page and take a peek below.

Steven Crowder Wife Video

Steven Crowder Wife Video

In the video, Steven Crowder can be seen berating his wife Hilary who is heavily pregnant. The political commentator Steven Crowder claimed that his wife leaked the edited version of the video to show his verbal abuse. But he has now vowed to show the sealed mental health history. Yes, you read it right, Steven Crowder has doubled down. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Steven Crowder

According to Steven Crowder, his wife Hilary leaked an edited video to the media which presented him verbally and emotionally abusing her while his wife was eight months pregnant. Steven Crowder released a video on Friday, titled “My Statement” and took another stab at his estranged wife. The political commentator added, ‘Broken marriages are ugly and in them people do ugly things, while desperately justifying his actions.

Who is Steven Crowder

In the video, the political commentator can be seen refusing to let his wife use their only car when she was going to the grocery with their twins. His wife, Hilary stated it was evidence of years-long abuse she had faced and she battled to save her broken marriage. As mentioned, he also vowed to show the sealed medical records, depositions, and mental history from their divorce to the Texas court. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Steven Crowder

Steven can also be heard saying, ‘I commented on my ongoing divorce on Tuesday, requesting privacy in the best interest of the family but also by court order agreed upon by all parties. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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