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Shanquella Robinson Video Viral Hitsbuddy


Someone beat a woman very badly, and she died because of it. She was from North Carolina and went on a trip to Mexico. Shanquella Robinson is the name of this woman. The online video of her beating went viral. Shanquella Robinson Video Viral Hitsbuddy. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

Shanquella Robinson went to Mexico with some friends. She died suddenly, with her friends around her. On Thursday, her family will get her body. Friends said that she drank too much and died from alcohol poisoning.

But the autopsy report says she died because her neck was broken and her spinal cord was cracked. A video of her getting beat up has been made public. It’s not her fault that she killed. The Mexican police are looking into what happened.

In this post, we tried to link to the video. Her family said that their daughter had been killed. The funeral is planned for the following Saturday.

People who knew her very well are very sad for her family. There were a lot of people who felt sad about this event. The video is linked to the bottom of this post. Check out the cause of Shanquella Robinson’s death and the autopsy report as well.

Check out the whole video on Twitter

The video might be going against the law. We gave the video the following Twitter id because of this. Click the link and go to our Twitter account to see the real video footage. Hope that this case will be solved soon and that the killer will be caught. Her soul should be at peace. Shanquella Robinson Video Viral Hitsbuddy.

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