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Sam Helena OnlyFans Video. She was suspended after creating OnlyFans Video


A police officer in the UK lost her job because she used the name “Officer Naughty” on her OnlyFans account to post half-n#ked pictures.

There have been many times when women in other fields, like teaching, law enforcement, and medicine, have been forced out of their jobs or quit on their own. Sam Helena OnlyFans Video.

A police officer was fired for making videos for OnlyFans.

After getting in trouble from her bosses for using the name “Officer Naughty” on a subscription website, police constable Sam Helena has left the Metropolitan.

Even though she left, her disciplinary hearing is still going on, and she may still be charged with gross misconduct.

Two years ago, she posted a po#ographic video of her tongue stud while wearing her uniform on TikTok and got “words of advice.”

Under the name “Inked Barbie,” the constable continues to post pictures and videos on Twitter and Instagram.

One of the videos on her pay-per-view website shows her lying on a bed while wearing a dark blue corset with chains, a police badge, and a name tag that says “Officer Naughty.”

Sam Helena OnlyFans Video

Helena said she quit before she was suspended and investigated because she had her one and only fan account. She will keep her job until December 31, 2022, when she will quit on her own.

A Met Police spokesperson confirmed that she has left. The spokesperson also said, “We know about the incident, and even though the officer has quit, they have been suspended.” “The Directorate of Professional Standards at The Met is looking into it.”

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that came out in 2016. It lets users sell and/or buy their own content. Users will put NSFW videos and photos on their accounts, which are then locked behind a paywall when the site is used by ad8lts.

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