Ricardo Betancur

Ricardo Betancur was arrested near the US Open for waving a gun.


Ricardo Betancur, a man from Long Island, was arrested after allegedly waving a gun around where the US Open was being held. The event happened on September 3, 2022, a Saturday. Sources say that the 23-year-old man was caught with a gun as he waved it out the passenger side window of a car. Ricardo was driving a 2018 black Lexus down Roosevelt Avenue around 3 p.m. when police were directing traffic for a famous tennis tournament. But the police saw that his hand was holding the gun. Read the article below to learn more about the subject.

The sources said that when the police tried to stop the car later, the driver drove away and threw the 23-year-old out. The police did find the gun, but it was empty. Ricardo was stopped because he was thought to have drugs and weapons on him. He is being charged with having weapons and drugs that are against the law. The driver hasn’t been found yet. The police and sources told the New York Post that no guns were fired and no one was hurt during the fight.

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Officers haven’t said anything else about the case yet. On September 11, the last match of the tennis championships will be played. It’s not the first time something like this has happened. In Texas, a store owner was violently attacked by a female customer. But the owner fought back, and they even got into a fight that the attacker lost.

The two men then tried to stop the person who had broken in. “Stop!” shouted the man with the gun. Get away! “. The older man hit him quickly several times. “Just chill out, just chill out, okay, just chill out, okay, just chill out,” the girl begged. In a different case, Massachusetts police arrested a man who they thought had shown a gun inside a store after a fight with another man.

The suspect didn’t have a mask on. But the 30-year-old victim, who wasn’t wearing a mask inside the business, got out of the situation without getting hurt. A short time later, investigators, with the help of the East Bridgewater Police Department, took Goulston, who was 59 years old, into custody at his home. Quite a few of these kinds of things have been happening. Which has made people question the work of the department. So far, not much information has come out about what happened.

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