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Rep. Lee Zeldin: Video of being attacked at an event in New York is going viral.

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At an event in New York, Rep. Lee Zeldin was attacked on video, and the video is now going viral. Today, we have news about Republican National Committee representative Lee Zeldin. He has been in the news lately because someone who thinks the earth is flat attacked him while he was campaigning on Friday. It had only been a day since he escaped an attack by an Army veteran. But when you hear what he says next, it all sounds pretty funny. He said that NASA had lied to us and that they were using CGI animation and no one knew about it. For more news, check out Hitsbuddy.


In a recent turn of events, a man named Lee Zeldin made the bold claim that the Earth is flat and that the blue ball everyone thought was the Earth was just a picture made by a computer. At a press conference in Wartown, in the North Country, a man who said he had served in the US Army or US Navy talked to Lee.


Copernicus was the first person to say that the earth is not round. even though it was broken because science and technology kept getting better. In this age of advanced science and technology, the North Island congressman brought up this idea.

Lee Zeldin hurt someone with a knife.

Before what happened in Watertown, he had been hurt for half a day by a man with a knife. All of this took place in Rochester. The man with the knife went up to Lee and told him. He was done after Lee attacked him without a weapon. But the attacker stopped, was caught, and was quickly let go, which made a lot of people mad.

Lee was running against Democrat Kathy Hochul for governor. But when Hochul heard about the attack in November, she condemned it. The attack wasn’t as bad as the last one, though. Even though there is a lot of proof that our planet is round. The congressman’s statement started a debate that has been growing very quickly in the modern world.

A lot of well-known people have told people that the earth is flat, which is not true. It has been proven, and most people agree, that the Earth is a sphere. But if someone disagrees with this point of view, they should be able to show that they are right by using scientific theories and facts to back up their point. We live in a modern, scientific world, so nothing should be thrown out until it can be shown to be wrong.

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