Jio 5G

Reliance will offer Jio 5G services by Diwali 2022. The 5G network will be separate from the 4G network.


At the 45th Annual General Meeting, Reliance Industries, which Mukesh Ambani runs. Announced that Jio 5G network services would be available in India. Jio says that its 5G network services will be of high quality, very affordable. It able to reach hundreds of locations across the country. The company says that its 5G services have the right mix of 5G spectrum, with frequencies of 3500MHz in the mid-band, 26GHz in the millimetre-wave band, and 700MHz in the low-band. Which is needed for good indoor coverage. The 5G radio signals are said to be sent over the 4G infrastructure already in place. Follow Hitsbuddy for latest news.

It says it will use the latest version of 5G, called standalone 5G, and that 5G services will be available in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai by this Diwali.

5G services have been announced in India.

Jio has declared that 5G services will be coming to India. The rollout will start in India in big cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi by this Diwali. It will quickly spread to other cities and towns, and by December 2023, it will cover the whole country. The company says its plan for rolling out 5G will be the quickest in the world. Unlike other networks, Jio’s 5G won’t need the 4G network to work. Instead, it will work on its own.

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The standalone 5G services are said to offer new and powerful services like low latency, massive machine-to-machine communication, 5G voice, edge computing, network slicing, and the metaverse. Jio has promised to spend a total of Rs 2 lakh crores on building an actual 5G network that covers the whole country. Jio has made its own end-to-end 5G stack, fully cloud-native, software-defined, and digitally managed. It can even support advanced features like Quantum Security.

With 5G, Jio will release billions of intelligent sensors with connected intelligence. This will start the Internet of Things and could even begin the fourth industrial revolution. Jio says that more than 2,000 young engineers at Jio worked on building its 5G network. Jio True 5G is said to give broadband speeds that have never been seen before and cut latency by a huge amount.

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