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Ray J shows Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian his texts s*x tape.

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Ray J is giving Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner a hard time about the $*x tape he and Kim made in 2007. Saturday, the “One Wish” singer went on Instagram and said that both Kris and Kim had lied about their role in putting out the tape. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

It all started when Jenner took a polygraph test on The Late Late Show With James Corden with her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner. Kris was asked if she helped Kim release her $*x tape with her. It has been said that Kris helped Kim remove the tape in 2007 so that her daughter would become famous.

The audience of The Late Late Show gasped when the question was asked, but Kris answered calmly, “It’s OK, no, no.” The man running the test confirmed her answer. “That’s settled,” she said.

Ray J Condemn Kris Jenner 

Steve Hirsch, President of Vivid Entertainment, who released the tape, has also said in the past that Kris never met, talked to, or worked with him on the video release, according to TMZ.

But Ray J says something different. Ray J said in a 44-minute video that there were not just one, but two $*x tapes, one shot in Cabo and the other in Santa Barbara, and Kris chose the one where Kim looked the best. He also said that a third tape was called “intro.”

Ray J went on to talk about Kim’s alleged role in the process. He told his fans that in his original contract with the distributor of entertainment, which he showed in the video, he gave Vivid the rights, but that Kim wrote the part about the three tapes. It also posted photos of what he said was a handwritten note from Kim. He compared the writing on the contract, which describes the footage, to the handwriting in the note, which he said was Kim’s.

Ray J Live on Instagram Shows DMs and Chats

Ray J said that Kim and Kris signed his name for him and that Kanye was trying to get any remaining $*x tapes back along with this bad contract. He also said that he and Kim’s ex-boyfriend Kanye West had texted each other about the tape and the “contracts” between him and the Kardashians after the tape came out. This moment was shown in the first episodes of the Hulu reality show The Kardashians.

Ray J said he felt compelled to speak out and wants Kim and Kris to “admit” that they were involved in the tape’s release. At first, he said he would take the matter to court.


Later on Sunday, Ray J posted on his Instagram Stories that his phone number got out after he criticised the Kar-Jenner family and that fans have been calling and sending him messages of support.

Ray J’s claims have not been answered publicly by Kim or Kris, but the former Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star did say that Kim blocked him on Instagram.

ET has asked the people who work for Kim and Kris for their thoughts.

It’s not the first time Ray J has said something like this. When the $*x tape came up again during the premiere of The Kardashians, he said that he “never leaked” it. Earlier this year, Ray J told the DailyMail that the first tape was “a deal and a partnership between Kris Jenner, Kim, and me.”

“Once I told her about the idea, I was just messing around, and she liked it, she told her mom about it, and then it was out of my hands,” he said.

A source told ET before that Kris Jenner didn’t negotiate Kim’s $*x tape deal. Instead, Kim, Ray J, their lawyers, and Vivid Entertainment did.

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