Pokimane Open Shirt Video

Pokimane Open Shirt Video Goes Viral On Hitsbuddy


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Twitch has a video of Pokimane Open Shirt.

Pokimane is one of the most popular people to stream on the internet. He has millions of fans on many different platforms.

On Twitch, an anchor left her computer for a while during a live stream on November 15. When she came back, her shirt was open, so people could see her breasts.

“Hi, I have a science question for everyone,” she said, but then she seemed to realise that her breasts weren’t connected.

After a wardrobe glitch, Pokimane’s Overwatch 2 stream was put on hold.
Clips of the event and the VOD were quickly taken down, but some users were quick to get the video and post it on Reddit.

“It doesn’t feel right to see this clip,” said one person. After a “embarrassing” wardrobe mishap, however, many people felt bad for the Moroccan woman and said they felt sorry for her.

Pokimane wasn’t scared, though, and kept on broadcasting, though she had to change her clothes first.

The streamer hasn’t talked about what happened on Twitter yet. It’s not clear what will happen to her on Twitch, like a possible ban.

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