Muvhango Episode 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

Muvhango’s 29th April 2023 episode has been crazy. People showed a good response to the episode. They are eager to know more about the upcoming episodes. Incase, you have missed the episode, we are here with updates about the same. Keep reading for more information.

Muvhango Episode 29th April 2023

What Happened In Muvhango Episode 29th April 2023?

Muvhango episode 29th April 2023 starts with sad news. We saw that Azwindini Mukwevho passed away. Vhutshilo has gone out of control. Imani is also seen throwing the towel on James and Gugu. Vho-Masindi is shown taking up the poison. After watching this, Hangwani is kicked out of the house by James. Vhutshilo has now hosted a party at Susan’s house.

A Look Out At Muvhango. What Is It All About?

Muvhango was created by Duma Ndlovu and is the oldest soap opera. Its first episode was aired in 1997. It telecasts on SABC 2. In the Tshivenda language, it’s the first drama on TV. Later, it was translated into other languages. The drama’s main motive is to unite the people of South Africa rather than divide the people.

The story shows a strong bond between family. It shows the awareness of the conflict between traditional and modern ways of life. Let us have more details about Muvhango’s characters. The main characters of Muvhango include Sindi Dlathu, Maumela Mahuwa, Murabeli Rasalanavho, and Raphael Griffiths as Nomthandazo Buthelezi, Susan, Vho Mukondeleli, and Vusi Mukwevho.

What Do People Say About Muvhango?

Muvhango is a South is a south african soap opera. People like t a lot. Its shows the culture and customs of South Africa. The show has a broad vision. It aims at creating harmony among the people of South Africa and bringing traditional and modern cultures together. Let us conclude the above.


Muvhango has been a popular soap opera. people like it a lot and demand is increasing in South Africa and outside also. It is available in a mix of native language and English. The subtitles are available in English. People are curious about the next episodes. We have shared the starting and the mid of the story in this article. If you want to know more about the story, keep watching Muvhango. The episode of the 29th April 2023 video has been shared above. you can watch it in order to get more details about the episode or watch the complete episode. Stay tuned for more details.

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