Mini Aceman crossover EV

The world’s first time seeing the all new Mini Aceman crossover EV concept

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Mini, a well-known British brand, showed off the all-electric Mini Aceman crossover EV concept with a new design idea called “Charismatic Simplicity.” Even though this new design language emphasises minimalism, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology on the inside and outside. It still has the traditional two-box design. Follow Hitsbudy

The Aceman is different from other Mini models because it has a new and different design. For example, it has angular daytime driving lights. A blanked-off grille with matrix LED technology and an octagonal-shaped light stripe, chunky and angular wheel arches, and the Union Jack design elements for the taillights. It also has a roof rack in the shape of the Union Jack. The Aceman concept is interesting because it doesn’t have chrome and leather on the inside and outside. Mini Aceman crossover EV.

The new Aceman crossover concept fills the Cooper and the Countryman space. It also has a length of 4,050mm, a width of 1,990mm, and a height of 1,590mm. On the other hand, the Aceman in the photos gets a bright Icy Sunglow Green paint job and a metallic British Racing Green roof.

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The interior of the Aceman concept is simple and one-of-a-kind, and it looks like the original MINI Cooper from 1959. First, only one circular OLED display on the dashboard shows the instruments and can also be used to play music. A row of buttons is below the screen, just like the old Mini Cooper. In this case, it has toggle switches for the electronic parking brake. Selecting the gear, changing the driving mode, and adjusting the volume.

The OLED screen can show your own content on the whole dashboard, like maps, letters, or even images of clouds that are spread out. Aside from that, the interior is made of recycled materials like knitted fabrics, recycled polyester, and velour. So, on August 23, 2022, the Aceman idea will be shown to the public for the first time at Gamescom 2022. One of the world’s largest gaming events.

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