Leaked Vivian Polania video viral on Reddit and Twitter

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A judge in Colombia who was known for posting provocative pictures of herself has just been fired because she showed up to a virtual court hearing HALF-N#KED!! Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

You did hear right. Justice Vivian Polania recently presided over a Zoom hearing for a criminal case while wearing s*xy lingerie and smoking a cigarette. She also smiled for the camera while sitting on her bed and listening to the car bombing case. When Polania did talk, she slurred her words. At one point, she turned off the camera for about an hour because she seemed to be aware of how rude she was being. Leaked Vivian Polania video viral on Reddit and Twitter.

Vivian Polania video

The judge’s X-rated adventures may have broken several administrative rules. As a result, Columbia’s judicial disciplinary commission gave her a three-month suspension without pay, saying she didn’t respect her judgeship. After a video of the hearing went viral, the commission began to look into it.

Polania, on the other hand, is said to have denied that she was half-n#ked and said that she was in bed during the hearing because she had low blood pressure and an anxiety attack. She also said that other judges picked on her because of how provocatively she dressed.

Polania has also reportedly been looked into for posting photos of herself on social media in revealing underwear and BDSM-style clothes. After being banned, she turned off her Instagram account.

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