Kinetic Luna EV launched

Kinetic Luna EV launched soon, and production has already begun.

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Kinetic Luna, an Indian company, is getting ready to sell its first electric two-wheeler in India very soon. The Kinetic Luna EV will be used for last-mile delivery in India, but it could also be used by a wider group of people. The company invested Rs 3 crore in upgrading its current plant in Ahmednagar. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

As the company gets ready to make up to 5,000 units per month, the electric Kinetic Luna could come out in 2023. After putting out the Kinetic Luna EV in India, Kinetic expects to make Rs 30 crore in sales every year.

Kinetic Luna EV launched soon with a powerful battery.

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions is planning to start selling the Kinetic Luna EV in India soon. It is said to have started making the Luna EV’s main chassis parts. For the upcoming Luna EV, the company has already put together parts like the main chassis, main stand, side stand, and swingarm.

Over 30 new welding machines have been added to KEL’s Ahmednagar plant, and Rs 3 crore has been spent to improve its paint shop, press shop, and fabrication shops. This would give the plant the tools it needs to send out finished goods.

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, which is run by Sulajja Firodia Motwani, released the Kinetic Zing high-speed scooter in September. It was said to have a range of 125 km per charge and a top speed of 60 kmph. Kinetic, on the other hand, hasn’t said much about what features the Luna EV might have. But it is more likely to be geared toward commercial uses than to performance.

Kinetic Luna Electric debuts in 2023.

It has been made since 1972, and after 50 years, Kinetic Group has announced that it will bring back this famous moped with a twist. The catch is that it will only be sold as an electric vehicle (EV). The price won’t be just Rs. 2000, though. Let’s take a look.

Fast forward to December 2022. Right now, TVS has a monopoly on the moped market. As the only ICE moped in the country, the XL100 sells between 30,000 and 40,000 units per month. Kinetic Group has no plans to bring back Luna with its 50-cc engine as it is now. Instead, Luna is going to be a car that runs on electricity.

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