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Kimmikka’s video of her playing sax with her partner during a live broadcast has gone viral.



A Twitch streamer who was banned for having s#x online has had the ban taken away. On August 24, Kimmikka began a live stream in which she answered messages from people in her chat. During the stream, the shot showed someone crouching behind her. She didn’t look like she was sitting on anything stable. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

People who were watching knew right away what was going on. A clip posted on the popular LiveStreamFails subreddit showed. She was indeed having s**x live on stream because her partner’s reflection could be seen in the window in the background of the shot.

Kimmikka Twitch Video

The American video live-streaming service Twitch banned. Then unbanned a streamer named Kimmikka because of a video that went viral on Twitter and Reddit. After seven days, they let her back in. Some of the streamer’s viewers say they saw her and her partner having s** with each other during a live broadcast. Fans who were watching her live broadcast reportedly saw her face change. A reflection in the window showed that her partner was doing an intercourse act behind her.

She was banned right away for what happened. But it seems like the ban wasn’t as bad as people first thought. Even though it seemed like a pretty big deal. The ban was lifted after just seven days, and Kimmikka is now free to start streaming again.

Kimmikka Video

Many people think that this isn’t much of a punishment, especially since Twitch has a history of being very strict

Kimmikka probably didn’t get anything more permanent because, even though it was clear what she was doing, nothing was shown on-screen. She said what happened was a “drunk accident” after it happened, so it’s unlikely that something similar will happen again.

Kimmikka Unbanned

Kimmikka may have even gotten more followers because of what happened. Since her account was unbanned, the number of people who follow her has gone from just over 200 to almost 2,000. She hasn’t said for sure that she’s coming back to streaming yet, but if she does, she’s likely to get more viewers.

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