US Forces Will Defend Taiwan

Joe Biden says, “US Forces Will Defend Taiwan If China Attacks.”

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In an interview that aired on Sunday, US President Joe Biden said that US forces will defend Taiwan if China attacked. This was his clearest statement yet on the subject. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, he was asked if US forces would defend a self-governed island that China claims. He replied, “Yes, if there was an attack like no other.”

When asked if he meant that, unlike in Ukraine, US troops, both men and women, US Forces will defend Taiwan if China attacked, Biden said, “Yes.”

In the interview, Biden seemed to go beyond what the US has said about Taiwan for a long time, but his statement was clearer than previous ones about sending US troops to defend the island.

When asked for a comment, a spokesperson for the White House said that US policy toward Taiwan hadn’t changed.

“The President has already said this, including earlier this year in Tokyo. He also made it clear that our policy toward Taiwan hasn’t changed since then. “That’s still true,” the representative said.

Last week, Biden did an interview with CBS. The president is in England for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on Monday.

The United States has had a policy for a long time where they don’t say if they would use military force if Taiwan was attacked.

In May, Biden was asked if he would help defend Taiwan with the military. He said, “Yes… That’s what we said we’d do.”

In the 60 Minutes interview, Biden said again that the US does not support Taiwanese independence and will stick to its “One-China” policy, which means that Washington officially recognises Beijing and not Taipei.

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