shooting of BFG Straap

Full CCTV footage of the shooting of BFG Straap has been put online.


A video of BFG Straap’s death went viral on social media, and full footage of a Dallas rapper getting shot has been posted online. There is also a video of BFG Straap’s death on the Internet. There have been shootings in the United States recently. Civilians worry that they won’t be able to keep their privacy and stay safe because there are so many places to shoot. Even people who live in the United States are afraid because terrible things are happening all over the country and are always in the news. There are more and more shootings, and people have been killed. Full CCTV footage of the shooting of BFG Straap has been put online.

Rappers have been linked to a wide range of criminals and violent crimes. Which has led to the situation getting worse and worse. Rappers have been involved in more than one shooting. As the number of murders goes up in the United States, it is becoming more and more common for hip-hop musicians to be killed. Because a rapper is probably going to die any second now. We need to know more about what happened.

BFG Straap Death Video

Some sources say that the shooting that killed two people happened in the South Dallas neighbourhood at the time. Even though a lot of people have been talking about it on the internet and in social media. The biggest news organisations haven’t talked about it until now. There is also no information about the people who have died or the people who have been shot. Reports that were shared on social media sites say so. Two people died in the shooting that happened at the time in South Dallas. One of them was a well-known Dallas rapper named BFG Strap. People on the internet, including other rappers who knew BFG and were close friends with him, have said that they think he died because of what happened. Full CCTV footage of the shooting of BFG Straap has been put online.

BFG Straap Shooting Video

After all the bullets were gone, a report and video were made public. Which showed that two people had died, including BFG Straap, who was also one of the dead. The Strap was able to kill his attacker by shooting him in the head, and the video showed that the police left the scene after the shooting. The event hasn’t been talked about in the news for some reason. But many people are talking about it on different social media sites. After hearing about Straap’s death, famous American singer Tabloid NJ also talked about it on his Twitter account. He said that Straap’s voice was as pure as an angel’s and that he was sad that his legacy was gone. The rapper told his listeners that Straap was also a great person.

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Total CCTV Video Footage of a Rapper Being Shot in Dallas

Many people who liked BFG Straap in the past have taken to social media to say how sad they are about his death and how sorry they are for his family. They also talked about how rappers have shot each other in public to practise. How shootings like this have become normal in the rap community. In the past, a lot of shootings in the United States happened when criminals and rappers got into fights with each other. This is why. This is why people talk about things like this on the internet. People think that several rappers killed tied criminals in the past. However, the police are looking into these crimes right now. We don’t know much about them because of this.

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