Jeff Bezos donates

Ex-wife of Jeff Bezos donates two $55 million homes.


American philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, who used to be married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has given a charity two of her $55 million mansions in Beverly Hills.
Ms. Scott is one of the billionaires who have promised to give most of their money to charity. Now, she has gone a step further in her charity by giving up her own longtime, luxurious homes.

The California Community Foundation (CCF), a not-for-profit charitable organisation, said that Ms. Scott gave “two single-family homes worth $55 million.”

In a press release, CCF President and CEO Antonia Hernandez said, “We applaud and are grateful for MacKenzie Scott’s extraordinary philanthropic investment in Los Angeles.”

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“Her unique dedication to transformative philanthropy here and across the country has already made sure that dozens of non-profits will be around for a long time. With the California Community Foundation, her generosity will help groups that are working hard to solve some of the hardest problems in our community. We appreciate her helping us, “the head of the CCF said.

The New York Post said that Ms. Scott got sole ownership of the homes after her divorce from Jeff Bezos in 2019. In 2021, she married high school teacher Dan Jewett. The ex-couple bought the first home in 2017 for $24.45 million. Then, ten years later, in 2017, they paid $12.9 million for the second house on the same street.

The press release says that the CCF now wants to sell the homes. The group said that 90% of the sale money will go to the Foundation’s “affordable housing grantmaking.” CCF said, “The remaining funds given to its immigrant integration programme to help improve opportunities for the millions of immigrants from all over the world who live in Los Angeles County.”

The Post says that because she owns 4% of Amazon, Ms. Scott has a net worth of $37 billion. In the past few years, she has given billions of dollars to hundreds of charities and organizations that work for equality of race, gender, economics, and other things.

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