Complete Pervaiz Rasheed video leaked on Twitter gets viral.


Social media users have been distributing a video supposedly depicting PMLN leader Pervaiz Rasheed engaging in personal activities.

Full, unedited video of PML-N Senator Pervaiz Rasheed was leaked. A private video of PML-N leader Pervez Rasheed was leaked into social media. As soon as the video was leaked on Facebook and Twitter, it became incredibly famous. The released footage clearly belongs to Parvez Rashid because it is exceedingly sharp and clear, leaving no space for mistake. In the video, Parvez Rasheed is seen using a smartphone to make Hasina available for a video call when he is alone in his room. During the phone chat, Parvez Rasheed begins to engage in masturbation. Complete Pervaiz Rasheed video leaked on Twitter gets viral.

Pervaiz Rasheed video leaked

Pervaiz Rasheed is the same individual who, as far as I am aware, sent Nawaz Sharif words in support of Qadianis and other anti-Islamic groups before to being one of those who drowned Nawaz Sharif.

Maryam is Parvez Rasheed’s pupil, who is a typical atheist. He has now proved that he is a person devoid of character. Maryam should shun him lest she convert him to atheism as well.

The quiver of arrows belonging to Imran Fitnah began to slowly discharge each arrow one by one. Now, the videos will be overlaid upon one another. Maryam will attend because she also watched the video. This shows that Khan has been contacted by the organisation.

You may have had dreams during your sleep. Currently, these videos solely serve to amuse the citizens of Tharki.

Do any of our political leaders possess moral character?

You must now realise that Pakistan is the centre of Islam. Pakistan would have been in the lead if it were not one of Islam’s strongholds.

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