“Get Ready to Slay with Shakira’s Bold Blue Reverse Cat-Eye Look!”

The article discusses the makeup look worn by Shakira in her latest music video for the song “TQG”. The makeup look, created by makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, features a bold blue reverse cat-eye that has become a trend on social media. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news. The article explains that the blue reverse cat-eye is […]

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Kinetic Luna EV launched

Kinetic Luna EV launched soon, and production has already begun.

Kinetic Luna, an Indian company, is getting ready to sell its first electric two-wheeler in India very soon. The Kinetic Luna EV will be used for last-mile delivery in India, but it could also be used by a wider group of people. The company invested Rs 3 crore in upgrading its current plant in Ahmednagar. […]

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Electric Tata Punch

Tata confirms that it is making an electric Tata Punch for India

Tata Motors has given its Tata Punch EV project the green light. The Tata Punch EV could be India’s first electric micro-SUV. Tata Passenger and Electric Mobility’s top executive, Vivek Srivatsa, has confirmed that the company plans to launch the product soon. This project has been the subject of rumours for a long time. But […]

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Airtel 5G service

Airtel 5G service is now available in Shimla with high speed

Shimla, which is in Himachal Pradesh, now has access to Airtel 5G Plus. The new network is currently working on Mall Road, Sanjoli, Dhalli, BhattaKufar, Ridge, the Sanjoli Helipad Area, and a few other places. The phone company said that customers with 5G-capable devices can use the high-speed Airtel 5G Plus network for free until […]

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Latest Stef Lefkowitz Brother Video Leaked is a trend on Twitter.

After a video of Stef Lefkowitz’s brother was leaked online, it quickly became popular. The internet is going crazy over a video of Stef Lefkowitz. People look for Steph Lefkowitz’s videos to find out why they are so popular. There are a lot of tabloid videos on the internet, and all of them are meant […]

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New Tata Nano EV

Tata Motors to launch a New Tata Nano EV in Indian market

Tata Motors might make a Tata Nano EV, according to recent reports that cite industry sources. Tata Nano, Ratan Tata’s pet project that was supposed to make the “dream” of owning a four-wheeled vehicle come true for a lot of people, might be coming back soon. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news. Tata Passenger Electric Mobility […]

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Georgia Harrison Video in Garden Secretly Recorded & Uploaded on OnlyFan

Not only regular people, but also a lot of famous people have recently signed up for Onlyfans to have fun and make extra money. They got a lot of attention because they posted a lot of hot content. This time, a very hot s*x tape went viral on other social media sites, which caused a […]

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Leaked Vivian Polania video viral on Reddit and Twitter

A judge in Colombia who was known for posting provocative pictures of herself has just been fired because she showed up to a virtual court hearing HALF-N#KED!! Follow hitsbuddy for latest news. You did hear right. Justice Vivian Polania recently presided over a Zoom hearing for a criminal case while wearing s*xy lingerie and smoking […]

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