Okinawa Electric scooters bigdisscont

Okinawa Electric scooters bigdisscont Rs 12,500 less on Valentine’s Day.

As part of their Valentine’s Day celebrations, Okinawa Autotech is offering discounts of up to Rs 12,500. This deal is good for three of their fast electric scooters and two of their slower ones. The company has announced that it will sell three of its high-speed electric scooters: the iPraise+, the PraisePro, and the Ridge+. […]

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Kinetic Luna EV launched

Kinetic Luna EV launched soon, and production has already begun.

Kinetic Luna, an Indian company, is getting ready to sell its first electric two-wheeler in India very soon. The Kinetic Luna EV will be used for last-mile delivery in India, but it could also be used by a wider group of people. The company invested Rs 3 crore in upgrading its current plant in Ahmednagar. […]

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Electric Tata Punch

Tata confirms that it is making an electric Tata Punch for India

Tata Motors has given its Tata Punch EV project the green light. The Tata Punch EV could be India’s first electric micro-SUV. Tata Passenger and Electric Mobility’s top executive, Vivek Srivatsa, has confirmed that the company plans to launch the product soon. This project has been the subject of rumours for a long time. But […]

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New Tata Nano EV

Tata Motors to launch a New Tata Nano EV in Indian market

Tata Motors might make a Tata Nano EV, according to recent reports that cite industry sources. Tata Nano, Ratan Tata’s pet project that was supposed to make the “dream” of owning a four-wheeled vehicle come true for a lot of people, might be coming back soon. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news. Tata Passenger Electric Mobility […]

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five-door Mahindra Thar

Launch schedule for five-door Mahindra Thar has been disclosed.

Mahindra has given out important information about the Thar lineup coming up in the near future. We can confirm that the launch of the five-door Thar is set for 2024, and we think it will happen in the first half of that year. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news. Multiple sightings of the five-door Mahindra Thar […]

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Grand Vitara CNG

Maruti Grand Vitara CNG variant is expected to be released in India soon.

Maruti Suzuki is making a CNG version of the Grand Vitara, which should be available in India in the next few weeks. In the near future, only the CNG version of the mid-size SUV and the Hyryder E-CNG will be powered by CNG among its competitors. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news. Even though there aren’t […]

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