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 Bridgestone STURDO tyres went on sale.

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Bridgestone India is part of the Bridgestone group, a global leader in tyres and rubber that provides solutions for safe and sustainable mobility. Today, Bridgestone India launched the next-generation Bridgestone STURDO tyre for passenger vehicles. The tread has a special compound that makes the tyre last up to 29% longer and makes the ride better on rough roads. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

Bridgestone STURDO

Bridgestone STURDO tyres comes in 27 sizes, from 12″ to 16″, with many different options for each size. It is aimed at the market for Hatchbacks, Sedans, and some CUVs. The Sturdo tyre meets an important need for Indian consumers, who want tyres that last a long time. The tire’s special tread compound with Strong Reinforcement makes it more resistant to wear, which makes it last longer. The tyre’s large centre blocks and 3D tread grooves give it the best grip and make it safer to drive on even the wettest roads.

“Bridgestone has been at the forefront of tyre technology around the world. Our new Bridgestone STURDO passenger car tyre for India demonstrates this. Sturdo has tyres that last up to 29% longer. Which is good for the end user in terms of how much it costs to own the tyres. Bridgestone is currently the leader in the market. We’re sure that this new product will help us keep that position. The Managing Director of Bridgestone India, Parag Satpute, said this.

Bridgestone is always working to improve its products so that they can help people get around better. The Sturdo line of tyres was made especially for Indian roads. The technical services team put them through a lot of tests on different surfaces. The life of Sturdo tyres was found to be up to 29% longer than the current Bridgestone model.

3000+ dealers all over India

“Our 3000+ dealers and sub-dealers all over India will be able to sell the Sturdo line of tyres. The latest tyre technology is now available to customers in these markets. Bridgestone STURDO gets its name from what it does for the customer. Which is to be strong and last a long time. This product is the result of careful research and analysis. It meets the most important need of Indian consumers: the need for a product that will last a long time and save them money. It said Rajarshi Moitra, who is Bridgestone India’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Sturdo’s positioning is built on the durability of its tyres. In our campaign, we came up with the slogan “Zamana Badal Jayega, Bridgestone Sturdo Chalta Hi Jayega” to show how creative we were. As a company that focuses on helping people get where they need to go, Bridgestone STURDO answers the basic questio. This reinforces the main qualities of Bridgestone Sturdo, and we’re sure customers will like it. The launch of Sturdo is being supported by both digital and traditional marketing in a number of languages.

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