Blue Jays fans video having S3x during the game has gone viral on Twitter.

A video of two Blue Jays fans making out during the game has gone viral. Reports say that two offensive Blue Jays fans in a video have gotten much attention because of what they did. Even though many people watch them and sometimes use cameras to record what they do, one of these couples was recently in the news after they were caught having sx on the other side of a stadium while fans cheered for their favorite team. They continue to spend time together in public. Follow Hitsbuddy for learn latest news.


On Monday, August 29, 2022, during Joy’s game against the Cubs, police allegedly asked two people to leave the stadium because they were having s*x in the upper levels. The couple was caught having sx during the game at the Rogers Centre. Online, a video of their act goes viral. In the video, a woman can be seen sitting beside the man. Neither one of them cares about the game. Instead, they are passionately touching each other.


In the video that went viral, a woman in a white top sat on top of a man while they were making out. Someone took a video of it and put it on the internet. It is now getting a lot of attention on social media. . Now it’s clear that this was their first time meeting.” The police and law enforcement told the media outlet that there were no details about the whole thing, and the media had not heard back from the Toronto police as of this writing.

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The Toronto couple is not the first to think of a new way to have fun or watch an MLB game. Before that, a couple who had sx during a match went viral. But no one knows who they are, and the police haven’t said anything about them. People say that police in Oakland are questioning onlookers. During the Athletics-Mariners game on August 28, 2022, who is said to have done? RingCentral Coliseum was where the game took place. More and more people are in these situations, and it looks like some people are in desperate need.

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