Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan is in love with Pakistani actress Sajal Ali. He is the son of actor Shahrukh Khan.


There may have been a lot of bad news about Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the news last year. But now, he is in charge for good reasons. At the same time, one of Aryan’s actresses has gone crazy and showered him with love on social media. Sajal Ali is the actress we’re talking about. Sajal Ali is an actress from Pakistan who was in the movie Mom with Sridevi. In fact, the actress has put a picture of Aryan on her Instagram Story and played the song “Hawaen” in the background. Sajal has also posted a heart emoji along with this. In the picture that Sajal sent of Aryan, he is wearing a white shirt. It’s interesting that Sajal went to Aryan’s Instagram and shared it by removing his old photo, which means that she follows him there. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

Find out about Sajal.

Let us tell you that Sajal’s first movie in Bollywood was the 2017 movie Mom. In this movie, she played Sridevi’s daughter. People liked what he did in the movie. After that, Sajal worked in a lot of well-known Pakistani TV shows and movies. In 2020, Sajal got married to Ahad Raza, her boyfriend and co-star on the show.

movie coming out

Sajal is now going to be seen in a movie by Shekhar Kapur, who is a well-known director in Bollywood. What Love Got to Do It is the name of the movie. This movie is being led by Shekhar Kapoor. It will be a British romantic comedy with actors from Bollywood and the rest of the industry.
When it comes to Aryan, Aryan is also interested in movies. He doesn’t want to be an actor, though. He wants to be a movie director and is doing a lot to get ready for it.

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