Ankita Kumari

Ankita Kumari was killed by her neighbour Shahrukh Hussain.


Ankita Kumari, who was being cared for at a hospital in Jharkhand, was killed. After a neighbour named Shahrukh Hussain put gasoline on her and set her on fire four days ago. Sunday, she died in the hospital.

Someone on Twitter posted pictures of Ankita and wrote, “This is Ankita, a girl from Jharkhand.” Whose neighbour Shahrukh poured gasoline on and set on fire, died last night. Sanjeev Singh, her father, said Ankita took her last breath at 2:30 p.m. At night, she would ask, “Tell me the truth about whether or not I will live.”

The young defendant attacked the 12th-grade girl Ankita after she turned him down. The event happened in the town of Jaruadih in the Dumka district city police station area of the state of Jharkhand. The police caught the suspect. Follow Hitsbuddy for latest news.


From what she said in front of an executive judge. The woman would have said that her accuser called her cell phone about ten days ago and asked her to be her friend. She called me back around 8 p.m. on Monday and said she would kill me if I didn’t talk to him. I told my father what was going on. Then he said he would speak to the man’s family on Tuesday. We went to bed, and I slept in a different room.

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At the hospital, Ankita said that the person who did it was Shahrukh. After Ankita and her family gave statements, the police went and got Shahrukh the same day. She was first taken to Phoolo Jhano Medical College Hospital in Dhumka. But because her condition was so bad. She moved to RIMS in Ranchi.

The whole Dumka district upset by what happened. Hindu groups have called protest marches and bandhs. Many people said that Shahrukh should be hanged after a quick court trial.

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