Adani group equities could fall

A technical indicator suggests that Adani group equities could fall.


A technical indicator that has been able to predict slumps for more than a decade says that Gautam Adani’s companies’ stock rallies, which grew his wealth faster than any other billionaire in the world, are about to turn around. A technical indicator suggests that Adani group equities could fall. Follow hitsbuddy for latest news.

TD Sequential is a popular technical indicator from DeMark that has predicted drops in Adani Enterprises Ltd. three times since 2009. This suggests that last week’s nearly 6% drop in the company’s shares may continue, with the stock continuing to lose some of its more than 100% gains for the year. It also makes it seem like the shares of Adani Total Gas Ltd. and Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. are likely to go down in value.

Adani started the year as the 14th richest person on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, but he moved up to the second spot before the stocks of his company crashed last week and wiped out some of his gains. Last month, shares of his main company, Adani Enterprises, hit a new high, and some of his companies, like Adani Total, have grown by more than 1,000% in the last two years.

Kunal Kansara

Kunal Kansara, co-founder and strategist at Mumbai-based Curl Capital, said, “Technical indicators show that these three Adani Group stocks will face major headwinds.” “Prices show that some of these stocks are also dangerously overbought and ready for a bigger drop.”

The TD Sequential study, a market timing indicator that uses a method of counting applied to chart patterns, suggests that the rally in the three Adani stocks will turn around. The last trend reversal signal for Adani Ports was in 2021, and it is still active with a downward forecast. This is the second one since the company went public in 2007, and the first one since Adani Total went public in 2018.

The last time TD Sequential said that Adani Ports’ shares would turn around and start to rise was in 2015, and then they fell by 55%. But traders who bought Adani Enterprises stock after the indicator told them to do so in 2007 lost money. This was the first time the stock had been told to sell since it went public in 1999. A technical indicator suggests that Adani group equities could fall.

Some investors didn’t like how the group’s ports-to-power conglomerate was growing with debt and how research analysts didn’t cover a wider range of topics. Due to its fast growth in areas like renewable energy and media, the conglomerate has a lot of debt, which Fitch Group’s CreditSights unit called “high” and “a matter of concern.”

The group has played down the worries by saying that its credit metrics have gotten better over the past few years and that it has gotten money from investors around the world. Adani Group didn’t answer an email asking for a comment on the technical indicator that pointed to a change in the direction of the share price rise.

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