2023 BMW S 1000 RR

2023 BMW S 1000 RR expose

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BMW, a car company, has shown off its new 2023 BMW S 1000 RR, which has new bodywork and updated electronics. It is powered by a 999cc inline-four engine, which now puts out 210hp. Torque stays the same at 113Nm, and the wheelbase has grown from 1440mm to 1458mm. Folllow hitsbuddy for latest news.

Details on the frame of the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR

The geometry of the BMW S 1000 RR’s chassis has been changed in a number of ways. This is the part of the bike that has been changed the most. The automaker changed the structure of the frame to allow for more lateral flex. When a motorcycle is leaned over, the suspension stroke does not line up with the bumps on the road, so it is important for the chassis to flex in a controlled way to absorb road imperfections.

The steering rake angle has been changed from 23.1 degrees to 23.6 degrees, and the offset of the triple clamps has been slightly lowered. Because of this, the trail went from 94mm to 99mm. The wheelbase has also been lengthened from 1440mm to 1458mm. All of these changes should, in theory, make the Beemer a little slower to turn while making it more stable overall.

2023 BMW S 1000 RR: Powertrain details

This sportbike is now powered by a 999cc inline-four engine with 210hp. The torque, however, stays the same at 113Nm. Changes like new intake geometry and redesigned intake funnels made this increase possible. The US-spec bike still has 205hp like it did before, but India will get the European-spec bike, which has more power.

New electronics for the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR

In addition to the traction control system, the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR now has a slide control system. This means that the bike’s computer will now let the rear tyre spin and step out a certain amount before stepping in. In the same way, a new function called “Brake Slide Control” has been added to let the rear wheel move further out of line when braking than it could before. This is done before the ABS pulls it back in.

The look of this brand-new bike has also been changed. Large aerodynamic winglets have been added to the front, and the bodywork at the back has been changed. At high speeds, the car company says that the winglets can make as much as 10 kg of downforce.

When it comes to the price of the BMW S 1000. It is expected to go on sale in India for 20, 50,000. (ex-showroom).

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